The Pods Are Open on Love is Blind Season 4
This is a still of Love is Blind Season 4 on Netflix.

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Karamo: What’s your relationship with the other parents?
Leo: Nonexistent.
[They laugh}
Karamo: Why is that?
Leo: I definitely felt that… you know, just the glances sometimes. I’m a bartender. I think people prejudge me; it doesn’t make me feel good. The wife encourages that I call their dad and be like, “Hey, you wanna bring the kid here? Maybe they could play together?” I have a feeling that if I did that, it would probably benefit me and my kids, and why we would be me happy. I want to make more time for them than I don’t right now.
Karamo: Why are you getting emotional?
Leo: Because I love my kids, and I want to be with them.

Kaz: You were hired to do a job.
Inej: Yes, the job was to pick up a fake for an easy million kruge. We found a living Saint who can summon the sun.
Kaz: A good magician is a good con artist. The trick is to make it look real.
Inej: This is different. You saw her summon with your own eyes.
Kaz: The best illusions are the most convincing. That's the game.
Inej: You can hide behind your cynicism, but I believe she's the real thing.