Lucca: They need you upstairs in the conference room?
Marissa: Us, why?
Lucca: Diversity.

Diane: What is Memo 618?
Canning: Objection, Your Honor.
Charlotte: Counsellor, you are done.
Diane: Why? I’m just asking what Memo 618 is. That’s all.
Charlotte: It is not relevant to this case.
Diane: Well, the last time a judge was faced with Memo 618, my case disappeared, and I see you were just handed a document with Memo 618 on it, and that’s why it’s relevant.
Charlotte: Counsellor you are in contempt.
Diane: Why? If Memo 618 means nothing, why should I be held in contempt?
Charlotte: Court is adjourned.
Diane: Until when?
Charlotte: Until I fucking decide.

Marissa: Hard at work?
Caleb: This may look easy, but it’s not. You try peeling a rutabaga.
Marissa: That’s the game? You just peel a rutabaga?
Caleb: Just, seriously? I feel judged?
Marissa: I didn’t mean to disparage your vegetable peeling skills. I’m sure they’ll come in handy at many law firms.
Caleb: Also, it’s a fruit, and it’s kind of soothing.
Marissa: Do you need to be soothed?
Caleb: That’s a very personal question.

Caleb: You sound different. What’s wrong?
Marissa: Nothing, I’m just… Upstairs has asked me to look into something
Caleb: Upstairs?
Marissa: Not your upstairs, my upstairs.
Caleb: What is it?
Marissa: I’ve been told not to tell anyone. Don’t you want to know?
Caleb: No, you were told not to tell. Don’t tell.
Marissa: But maybe I want to tell you.
Caleb: Why?
Marissa: You’re right. I’ll just tell you. You do whatever you want with it. We charged the DNC as a pro bono client in order to keep the money from STR Laurie.
Caleb: Do you want me to tell upstairs?
Marissa: No, I want you to do what you want.
Caleb: OK, then I will.

Liz: Whenever I see offices like this, I always think that we’re all going to be dead someday. [Laughs]
Firth: What’s funny?
Adrian: Nothing, Liz has a dark sense of humor.
Firth: I have a dark sense of humor. Tell me.
Liz: I was just joking that we’re all going to be dead someday. [Laughs]
Diane: You had to be there.
Firth: Oh, I’m right with you.

Marissa: Are you from upstairs?
Caleb: I am.
Marissa: Then why are you working here?
Caleb: They asked me to.
Marissa: Why did they ask you to?
Caleb: I think to spy on you.
Marissa: That’s not a great way to spy to say you’re spying.
Caleb: I know, I’m not very good at it.

Diane: I went to Julius about the missing Tecates injunction, and he told me if I wanted to know where it went to ask Adrian’s girlfriend.
Adrian: What?
Diane: He said ask your girlfriend. So let me ask, ‘Who is your girlfriend, and why does she know about my disappearing case?’
Adrian: Julius. He’s probably saying something to pass the buck.
Diane: What buck? What is going on? Why do I feel like I’m hearing passwords in a secret society?
Adrian: There’s no secret society, Diane. I’m in a relationship with a judge. Now, it is not improper, and there is certainly no ex parte conversations. I just don’t like my private life being made public. And you know information is power, and you lose information to other people, and you give them all the power over you.

Diane: You screwed up Mr. Canning.
Canning: Ms. Lockhart, hello. How did I screw up?
Diane: You thought you were going up against some small pro bono defendant, but I’ve been bankrolled by STR Laurie to go after cases that interest me, and this one really interests me.
Canning: You seem angry Diane.
Diane: See you in court.

Marissa: What the fuck? Tell dad if he wants to come berate me to do it himself. Don’t send his Democratic mini lapdog.
Frank: Democratic…
Marissa: Every time I talk to a Republican, dad is crawling up my ass.
Frank: What Republican?
Marissa: I’m not a Republican, and I’m not gonna vote Republican, but I might fall in love with a Republican and have little Republican children.
Frank: What Republican are you…
Marissa: No, no, no. You just tell dad to fuck off, OK, and you fuck off too.
Adrian: Frank, we’re ready for you.
Frank: Good. So nice seeing you, Marissa.
Marissa: I thought you said Frank Landau was here for me.
Receptionist: No, I saw Frank Landau was here.
Marissa: Fuck.

Julius: How are things at Reddick Boseman, or is it STR Laurie, Reddick…
Marissa: Weird. We call it STD Laurie these days … STD.
Julius: Oh…
Marissa: That was a false laugh, Your Honor.

Diane: Julius, are you fucking serious?
Julius: Don’t swear in my chambers.
Diane: You know what, I never used to swear, ever, but now I find it useful. People look at me and think I would never swear, so when I say, ‘This is fucking nuts,’ it has added meaning, and this is motherfucking nuts.

Diane: Who got to you?
Julius: I understand you’re disappointed.
Diane: Disappointed? I’m outraged. You have a lifetime appointment. You took an oath to faithfully and impartially serve under the Constitution, so help you god.
Julius: Thank you for your concern counsellor, but that’s enough.
Diane: If the federal court ignores the law, what’s left?
Julius: Go, now.
Diane: Julius.
Julius: No. I said go.

The Good Fight Quotes

Bad things happen to good people.


Maia: Are we on the right side on this one?
Diane: We're on a necessary side. People I thought with all my heart were guilty turned out to be innocent and people I thought were saints, they weren't. That's why you don't go on instinct. You wait, you listen and watch. Eventually everyone reveals himself.