Diane: No, you did not?
Brian: No, I requested your ass.
Diane: And what does that mean?
Brian: It means your ass.
Diane: Are you refusing to answer?
Brian: No, I am answering. I have requested your ass. Do you want me to spell it out for you?
Diane: I have asked you whether you cited a legal ruling in requesting this recess.
Brian: Yes, and I have answered.
Diane: Would you like me to call the judge and insist on your compliance?
Brian: I would like you to call your ass.
Diane [to stenographer]: Are you getting this?
Brian: Here, let me help. I have told the plaintiff’s lawyer to call her own ass.
Gabe: And people make fun of the way I practice law.

If you were a better lawyer, you would know right now you are – what’s the Latin term? – fucked.


Lawyer: When Ms. Garnett’s lawsuit was dismissed, what steps did you take to challenge the dismissal?
Gabe: What steps?
Lawyer: Yes.
Gabe: Well, I got angry.
Lawyer: Good, and?
Gabe: And I wrote a very, very, very detailed letter to the judge.
Lawyer: Did you get a response?
Gabe: Nope.
Lawyer: Did you send it?
Gabe: Well, no, but that wasn’t my fault. The mail delivery in my office has been a disaster. Do you know that song by Bob Dylan, “Everything is Broken”? It’s so true.

Liz: You told the audience during a talkback Q&A that you based your characters on real life people.
Jumaane: No, I think you misheard.
Caleb: This play is based on real people, not types, like the divorcing white guy is based on a real client.
Jumaane: What a surprise? Another white attorney here.
Caleb: Another white attorney with a photographic memory.

So that’s you? Your work’s more exciting than I thought.

Kurt [to Diane]

I got into the law because it mattered. In a world where there is so much nihilism and cynicism, the law was a crystal guide, a path forward, but every day the world chips away at this. Lawyers get more cynical. People pay off judges, they threaten them or the judges just give in, and then there’s nothing, emptiness. What is injustice? It’s people giving up.

Julian Play Counterpart

Marissa: How do I know you?
Jumaane: Jumaane Jenkins. I used to work here.
Marissa: Oh, you’re Alan North. You’re the druggie.
Jumaane: I wasn’t a druggie. Oh my god, how they rewrite history here.
Marissa: Well, they fired you.
Jumaane: Because they wanted me out, because they didn’t want an independent mind.
Marissa: Yeah, that’s how that works.

Diane: Oh, who is representing you?
Kovac: Me, just me.
Diane: How about I represent you.
Kovac: Why would you do that?
Marissa: Yeah, why?
Diane: Well, it sounds like an injustice was done to this woman, but for her to blame a lawyer of your stature, it just seems like a further injustice.

Adrian: He’s satirizing our firm, Liz. He has me as some pathetic masochistic mother*cker who’s craving domination from Diane Lockhart.
Liz: Diane, she’s in it too?
Adrian: A character based on her.
Liz: So this guy wrote a play to get back at us. So what?
Adrian: They gave him a standing ovation, Liz. People stood and cheered.

Diane: Julius, are you fucking serious?
Julius: Don’t swear in my chambers.
Diane: You know what, I never used to swear, ever, but now I find it useful. People look at me and think I would never swear, so when I say, ‘This is fucking nuts,’ it has added meaning, and this is motherfucking nuts.

Julius: How are things at Reddick Boseman, or is it STR Laurie, Reddick…
Marissa: Weird. We call it STD Laurie these days … STD.
Julius: Oh…
Marissa: That was a false laugh, Your Honor.

Diane: I went to Julius about the missing Tecates injunction, and he told me if I wanted to know where it went to ask Adrian’s girlfriend.
Adrian: What?
Diane: He said ask your girlfriend. So let me ask, ‘Who is your girlfriend, and why does she know about my disappearing case?’
Adrian: Julius. He’s probably saying something to pass the buck.
Diane: What buck? What is going on? Why do I feel like I’m hearing passwords in a secret society?
Adrian: There’s no secret society, Diane. I’m in a relationship with a judge. Now, it is not improper, and there is certainly no ex parte conversations. I just don’t like my private life being made public. And you know information is power, and you lose information to other people, and you give them all the power over you.

The Good Fight Quotes

Bad things happen to good people.


Maia: Are we on the right side on this one?
Diane: We're on a necessary side. People I thought with all my heart were guilty turned out to be innocent and people I thought were saints, they weren't. That's why you don't go on instinct. You wait, you listen and watch. Eventually everyone reveals himself.