Julius: It has been brought to my attention that in placing Mr. Nugent in custody, I may have overlooked certain legal precedents. Incarceration of any kind for any length of time should only be used as a last resort, never as a denial of fundamental rights. It’s clear Mr. Nugent’s actions didn’t justify subjecting him to that treatment.
Diane: Your Honor?
Julius: Also, upon further reflection, it would seem that in denying Mr. Canning’s motion to recuse, I was in error.
Canning: Your Honor, we all make mistakes.
Julius: Even the appearance of impropriety is to be avoided. Accordingly, I will be transferring this case to the executive committee of the court, and if the case should go to trial, it will be before someone else.
Tucker Nugent: I take it you’re sorry for what you did.
Julius: I am.
Tucker Nugent: Might be good to say it out loud.
Julius: I’m sorry.

Firth: So, what do you need?
Liz: We need the dogs to stop shitting on our floor.
Firth: I didn’t know they were.
Adrian: They are.

Julius: You were…
Uber driver: A federal judge, Judge Itzelitz.
Julius: Oh my god. I have an appeal in front of you.
Uber driver: Three years ago, right?
Julius: Yes. You ruled against me. What happened?
Uber driver: You mean why am I an Uber driver?
Julius: Yes… Memo 618.
Uber driver: I was in the middle of an appeal, a pharmaceutical case, fairly easy, opioids. I was about to rule against them when I got the memo. Pretty clear they wanted me to rule the other way, but I wasn’t going to do it.
Julius: They, meaning who?
Uber driver: No idea. Then in two weeks another judge filed a complaint of misconduct with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Said I took bribes, a dozen witnesses, all lying, but there was evidence. I was given the chance to walk away without a scandal but also without a pension, so I signed, I took it; they had me. I stood by my ideals and here I am. $45,000 per year, pre-tax. That’s working 60 hours a week. Tips are good. Sometimes I can go out to dinner with my wife. If I had to do it over again… whatever memo they send you, do it.

Charlotte: Listen, you need to let Tucker Nugent out of jail now. Then you need to apologize.
Julius: Are you crazy? He ignored a subpoena.
Charlotte: Yes, and you need to let him out. And once he’s out, you need to apologize.
Julius: Charlotte, I enforced the law.
Charlotte: You came to me for advice. I’m giving it. Let him out and apologize and don’t ask anyone about the memo again.

Julius: How can they just say no? Not just the witness, the marshals.
Charlotte: Because the whole thing isn’t real. What we do, what we rule, it’s just shadow play. We say, ‘You go to jail. You don’t.’ Then we count on other people making it happen, and if they don’t want to, they don’t have to.
Julius: That’s insane. When I was a lawyer…
Charlotte: Yes, you thought we meant something. That’s why we wear the robes. If we didn’t, we’d just be the schmucks that sit a little higher than anyone else.

Julius: What the hell is going on gentleman. Where did you find him?
Judicial marshal #1: At his country club Ridgemore.
Julius: What happened next?
Judicial marshal #2: Mr. Nugent was on the 11th tee. We told him we were there to escort him back to court. Mr. Nugent informed us he was on track to shoot below 85. Apparently that’s an excellent score for his handicap.
Julius: How? You know what, just go. Leave.

David Lee: I deal with witness prep. You just offer comfort.
Lucca: That’s not what upstairs said. We work together.
David Lee: This PC shit is so aggravating. You know the more you guys push, the more the backlash will make your lives harder.
Lucca: And when you say ‘you guys,’ who are we talking about here? African Americans, humans, or anybody who doesn’t think like you?

Julius: Just so I’m clear, your client has now provided documentary evidence for his contempt of this court. Is that right?
Canning: I’ll stipulate that he’s provided something, but Your Honor, I take issue with the court’s characterization.
Julius: He told me to go fuck myself.
Canning: I believe he was taking except to overreaching judicial authority rather than stating a personal directive.

Julius: The court is being asked to issue a temporary restraining order…
Canning: Your Honor, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Louis Canning.
Julius: Yes, hello Mr. Canning.
Canning: I just wanted to explain some of these awkward movements you may see…
Diane: Ahaha.
Canning: I’m sorry. I didn’t know my condition was a source of amusement to you, Mrs. Lockhart.
Diane: The amusement is how you use it, Mr. Canning.
Canning: My goodness, hate comes in many forms.

Bianca: Our numbers seem to be growing here.
David Lee: The firm thought you would be more comfortable with someone closer to your age.
Bianca: I didn’t know this firm had any black lawyers.
Lucca: Oh, they hide us.

Firth: Do you know what my job is Lucca?
Lucca: My guess would be that you’re a lawyer.
Firth: I’m the Sorting Hat of lawyers. Do you know what that means?
Lucca: Yeah, is it a Harry Potter thing?
Firth: It is. Have you read Harry Potter?
Lucca: No. I mean I know I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t.
Firth: Why haven’t you read it?
Lucca: I don’t like wizard shit.
Firth: Yes, fuck wizard shit.

Firth: So what do you want to do now Diane?
Diane: Get back to work.
Firth: What work?
Diane: My clients, my old cases. My partners picked up the slack while I was recovering, but now I’m back.
Firth: Ever heard of Ryōkan, the Zen master?
Diane: No.
Firth: He lived a simple life in a hut at the foot of a hill. One evening a thief broke in only to discover there was nothing to steal. Ryōkan surrendered his clothes to him as a gift. After the thief ran away Ryōkan was left sitting naked watching the moon. And he thought, ‘Poor fellow. I wish I could him this beautiful moon.’
Diane: I don’t think I understand.

The Good Fight Quotes

Bad things happen to good people.


Maia: Are we on the right side on this one?
Diane: We're on a necessary side. People I thought with all my heart were guilty turned out to be innocent and people I thought were saints, they weren't. That's why you don't go on instinct. You wait, you listen and watch. Eventually everyone reveals himself.