Futurama Season 9


In the latest anthology episode of Futurama, the cast is reborn as a variety of wild animals in three different stories.

"31st Century Fox"

Bender becomes a fox hunting enthusiast, but after discovering he's hunting a robotic fox, he becomes the hunted while trying to save his furry robotic friend.

"Viva Mars Vegas"

When the Robot Mafia takes over the Wongs' casino on Mars, it's up to Amy and Zoidberg to steal it back.

"Near Death Wish"

On Futurama, the professor's parents decide to leave the Near Death Star and end their retirement, much to his displeasure.

"Free Will Hunting"

On Futurama, when Bender finds out that robots lack freedom of choice, he goes on a quest for the meaning of life.

"Fun on a Bun"

On Futurama, Fry suffers a drunken mishap at Oktoberfest while helping Bender make sausage, that causes Leela to think she ate Fry and to erase her memories of him, while Fry leads a rebellion of neanderthals against the homo sapiens.

"The Six Million Dollar Mon"

In order to become a better bureaucrat, Hermes replaces his body with robotic parts. But when he goes too far, it's up to his mortal enemy Zoidberg to save him from himself.

"The Butterjunk Effect"

Amy and Leela perform a sport known as butterfly derby on this week's episode of Futurama, which leads to an addiction to a nutritional supplement.

"Zapp Dingbat"

Leela's parents divorce, leading her mom into the arms of Zapp Brannigan. Hilarity ensues as their odd couple relationship tries to survive Leela's intervention.

"The Thief of Baghead"

Bender becomes a member of the paparazzi on this Futurama episode. He attempts to photograph a famous actor whose face has never been seen.

"Decision 3012"

It's time to elect a new President on this episode of Futurama. On planet earth, that is.

"A Farewell to Arms"

An ancient prophecy reveals that Earth is doomed in the year 3012, but will the Planet Express crew's attempt to save people go awry?

"The Bots and the Bees"

Bender becomes a father on the season premiere of Futurama, but he must make a difficult decision for his robot son.

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