Fridays 8:00 PM on CW
"Mistress & Misunderstandings"

A happy Zoe Hart?!? The town reacts this week to the unusually good mood of its prettiest physician.

"Hell's Belles"

Zoe Hart as a Bluebell Belle?!? That's the discovery that is made on the first episode of 2012.

"Hairdos and Holidays"

Ready to celebrate the holidays a little early? This is a Christmas-themed episode of Hart of Dixie.

"The Pirate and the Practice"

George is offered a job in Montgomery this week, while Zoe hopes to go home and Bluebell readies for "Planksgiving."

"Homecoming and Coming Home"

A friend of Zoe's from New York comes to visit this week. George and Wade, meanwhile, stir up a bit of revenge on this installment of Hart of Dixie.

"The Crush and the Crossbow"

Zoe is asked out this week, by someone other than Wade! Elsewhere, Brian Vickers appears as himself and Team George members have a reason to cheer.

"The Undead and The Unsaid"

Zoe gets into a car accident this week... with a ghost?!? It's a Halloween-themed episode of Hart of Dixie.

"Faith and Infidelity"

Zoe finds herself in the middle of a town scandal this week. It involves the local minister.

"In Havoc & In Heat"

Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just Bluebell? A heat wave strikes Hart of Dixie on this episode.

"Gumbo & Glory"

Zoe sets out to win Bluebell's gumbo contest this week. Elsewhere, Lavon develops a crush on a receptionist.