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"Women in Garbage"

On this week's Parks and Recreation, Leslie and April end up picking up trash when Leslie pushes for more women in government jobs.

"Two Parties"

When Ann plans a bachelorette party for Leslie, councilman Mamm ends up in the middle of it on Parks and Recreation.

"Ron and Diane"

Ron's new girlfriend meets his ex-wife when they all attend an awards dinner together on Parks and Recreation.

"Pawnee Commons"

On Parks and Recreation, when an architect from Eagleton comes forward with suggestions for the park, Leslie gets suspicious of his motives.

"Leslie vs. April"

Leslie's unhappy when April plans to turn a lot into a dog park, while Ben and Tom begin their new business on Parks and Recreation.

"Ben's Parents"

On Parks and Recreation, Leslie worries about meeting Ben's divorced parents and Chris ends up on an emotional roller coaster.

"Halloween Surprise"

On Parks and Recreation, Leslie is upset when Ben gets another job offer and Andy and Ron go trick or treating with Diane's daughters.

"Sex Education"

On Parks and Recreation, Leslie leads a sex education class when there is an outbreak of an STD among the senior community in Pawnee. Tom has to turn to Ron for help when he ends up gadgetless.

"How a Bill Becomes a Law"

On Parks and Recreation, when the local swim team needs more practice time, Leslie works to change a law that will keep the pool open later. Ron ends up filling potholes to fulfill Chris' new initiative.

On Parks and Recreation, Leslie passes a city wide soda tax to fight obesity in Pawnee and Andy struggles to get ready for his police entrance exam.