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Laurel becomes really suspicious about Sutton's sudden personality changes. Read our review of this week's The Lying Game to see what Laurel found out!
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Rebecca hatches a plan for Sutton to expose Ted as the twins' mother during an awards ceremony. Read our review of this week's The Lying Game to find out how Sutton's speech went!
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Sutton tries to figure out how to get Emma to switch places, while Alec awaits the dismissal of his case. Read our review of this week's episode of The Lying Game!
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Alec finally has his arraignment and he reveals a shocking revelation to Emma. Read our review of the season premiere of The Lying Game to hear all about it!
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You definitely got the smart half of the embryo.


I always say that "Hope is grief's best music."


The Lying Game Music

  Song Artist
Off the wall Off The Wall Cham Pain iTunes
Magic bullets for romance For Romance Magic Bullets iTunes
The light brigade when the world plays tricks on you When The World Plays Tricks On You The Light Brigade iTunes