How I Met Your Mother Season 1

To try and keep Robin from going on a camping trip with co-worker Sandy Rivers, Ted tries to make it rain with a rain dance. Lily gets accepted to her internship and California and her and Marshall break up.

The matchmaker from a previous episode finally has a match for Ted, but he thinks Robin is still the one. Lily has a secret interview for an art school fellowship in California. Barney has a war with an office worker from across the street.

"Best Prom Ever"

Lily and Robin go to a high school prom in order to listen to the band that they want to play Lily's wedding.

"Mary the Paralegal"

When Ted's jealous of Robin's date for an awards banquet, Barney sets him up with an escort.

"Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M."

Robin invites Ted over after a long night of work. After they share some wine, Ted contemplates ending his long distance relationship with Victoria for another chance with Robin.

"Life Among the Gorillas"

Marshall takes a job where Barney works and tries his best to fit into the corporate world.

Victoria gets accepted into an internship program in Germany and her and Ted contemplate a long distance relationship.

The group has a scheduled game night and is set to play Marshall's made up "Marshgammon," when an embarrassing videotape of Barney's shows up.

"Zip, Zip, Zip"

Ted and Victoria have been dating now for a month. Marshall and Lily go to a bed and breakfast to celebrate their ninth anniversary. Without a single Ted around, Barney and Robin become "bros."

"Drumroll, Please"

Ted meets a woman, Victoria, at the wedding is afraid he won't be able to find her again. Meanwhile, Marshall obsesses over the wedding cake.

Ted almost ruins his friend's wedding when he attempts to add a plus one in order to bring Robin as his date.

Ted rents a limo for the group to use to celebrate New Years. They attempt to attend five big parties to find the best one to ring in the New Year.

"The Pineapple Incident"

Barney, Marshall and Lily convince Ted to do some shots. When he wakes up the next morning with no memory of what happened the previous night, he wakes up next to an unknown woman and a pineapple on his nightstand.

"Belly Full of Turkey"

For Thanksgiving, Lily visits Marhsall's giant family while she fears she's pregnant. Robin and Ted spend Thanksgiving volunteering at a soup kitchen and are shocked to see Barney working there.

Ted and Marshall get into a fight over who gets the apartment when Marshall and Lily get married. When the two try to settle it with a sword fight, Lily accidentally gets stabbed.

Ted goes to a matchmaker whose computer program only returns woman who have already been matched. Lily and Marshall discover a Cockamouse, a combination of a cockroach and mouse, in their apartment.

"Slutty Pumpkin"

Ted waits around the apartment on Halloween in the hopes that the girl dressed as a slutty pumpkin from years ago will return to their rooftop party.

"Okay Awesome"

Ted and Barney go to a club to pick up woman while Lily and Marshall try to be grown ups and host a wine party at the house for other couples.

"Return of the Shirt"

Ted tries to rekindle a past relationship but quickly discovers why it didn't work the first time.

"Sweet Taste of Liberty"

Ted and Barney fly to Philadelphia after using one of Barney's techniques to pick up women. While in Philadelphia the boys might not score but they do something legendary.

"Purple Giraffe"

After Ted throw three parties so he can casually hang out with Robin again, they end up just being friends. Barney tries to pick up the girl who knows no one at the party.

Marshall proposed to Lily who says yes which prompts Ted to begin his journey to find his wife. Ted meets Robin, who he thinks is the one.

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 1 Quotes

Victoria: I will tell you my most humiliating story.
Marshall: Yeah, Victoria! Way to step up.
Victoria: OK, it involves a game of Truth or Dare, a squeeze bottle of marshmallow ice cream topping, and the hot tub at my grandparent's retirement community.
Future Ted: ... Kids, I tell you a lot of inappropriate stories, but there's no way I'm telling you this one. Don't worry, it wasn't that great...
Marshall: That is the greatest story ever!

You dumped a porn star? Friendship over. Friendship over!