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Walden: If I weren't here, would you be masturbating?
Alan: Are you kidding? I'd be done and fixing a sandwich.

Alcohol is just a bandage for the problem. I know this because I used to live with the mummy.

Lyndsey: I'm so full it'd be like sticking a pin in a balloon.
Alan: Can we please not call it a pin?

Alan: The only reason to wear a hat on a date is to cover a bald spot.
Walden: Here you go, for your next date.

Walden: How do I look?
Alan: Your face should be on gay money.

Alan: Remember, at grandma's we have to pee while sitting down so you don't get splatter anywhere.
Jake: I'll manage and that's how you pee anyway.

Alan: Then we went skinny dipping. Who's idea was that?
Berta: Mine.

Walden: I think we're naked.
Alan: You can ignore what's going on down there, it's morning reflex.

Begging never gets you anywhere. I say this having spent more time on my knees than any straight man in America.

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