Stan: Hey Jesus!
Jesus: What are you doing out so late kids?
Kyle: We have to find Red Megaman and Green Megaman for Cartman's party.
Jesus: Oh. Kids, you believe I can beat Satan right?
Stan: Sure dude, you're the son of God.
Kyle: Yeah. You're not having any doubts are you?
Jesus: N-No no! But could you help me train a little?

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South Park Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Mr. Mackey: Wh-wh-what you need to do, uh, Damien to be overly nice. See, n-no matter how mean the other kids are to you, just don't retaliate. Err, be passive, mmm'kay? That's what I taught the little British boy, Pip, an-and just look at how much the other children like him now!
(scene changes to the playground, a group of kids are gathered around Pip)
Clyde: I bet I could spit the most on him! (spits on his left shoulder
Bebe: Oh, yeah? I bet I could spit in his hair! (spits in his right eye)
Pip: Oh! Nice try! A little higher and you've got it!

Stan: Holy Crap Dude, Satan's huge!
Jimbo: Now that's is the guy who has been eating a lot of beef.