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"Red John"

Patrick Jane finally comes face to face with Red John, the serial killer who murdered his wife and child a decade ago on The Mentalist.

"The Great Red Dragon"

When Jane's Malibu home explodes, the list of Red John suspects is reduced and a man hunt ensues on The Mentalist.

"Fire and Brimstone"

With the latest clue in hand, Jane attempts to get the Red John suspects in one place to determine the serial killer's true identity but the results are shocking on The Mentalist.

"The Red Tattoo"

A premiere member of Visualize ends up dead and Jane wants to investigate the case believing he'll find a new lead in the hunt for Red John on The Mentalist.

"Red Listed"

Jane creates a fake list of Red John suspects and when it's stolen he realizes that everyone on the list is now in danger on The Mentalist.

"Wedding in Red"

Jane manipulates a case to get closer to Sheriff McAllister but it could leave him in a precarious postion while Grace and Wayne take a walk down the aisle of The Mentalist.

"Black-Winged Redbird"

Jane ends up interacting with four Red John suspects while the serial killer inflicts even more harm and the team investigates the death of a software engineer who was taken out by a drone strike on The Mentalist.

"The Desert Rose"

On the season 6 premiere of The Mentalist, Jane and Lisbon continue their secret search to narrow down the Red John list while they investigate the murder of a man who disappeared two years ago.

"Red John's Rules"

Jane narrows down his list of Red John suspects to seven but will the cost of finding the serial killer be more devastating than he expected on the season finale of The Mentalist.

"Red and Itchy"

LaRoche goes to Jane for help when the Tupperware container he's kept hidden for nine years is stolen on The Mentalist.