Mike and Harvey take a step back to figure out how they moved forward. Read this week's review of Suits now to see how their choices have impacted their current situations.
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The bombshell finally dropped on tonight's Awkward. Sadie spilled the beans to Jake about Matty's relationship with Jenna. Find out how Jake took it in our review!
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Who will live, who will die and when the truth comes out, how many will suffer the consequences on the Dallas season finale? Read on to find out!
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On Futurama, Bender discovers that he doesn't have free will, so he reluctantly goes on a soul-searching journe to find a way to obtain it... only to find that it may be closer than he expected.
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The Alphas welcome some new members to the group on tonight's Alphas. Find out if the new kids fit right in or if they're just a waste of space in our review!
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A small town comes under an onslaught of artifacts and it's up to Pete, Myka, Steve, Claudia, Artie and Leena to collect them on tonight's Warehouse 13. Read our review to see how they did!
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Steve: Go get um Professor Plum.
Danny: It's Jeffries

"My dad gave me a gun to hide."