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The Magicians Season 3 Episode 9 Review: All That Josh

The Magicians Review: All That Josh

On The Magicians Season 3 Episode 9, Josh returns with a musical-ed version of Brakebills and a new key quest that will see the Brakebills crew come together to save the day.
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I'm Harold, the Herald of the East River Dragon. I responded to a very confusingly worded help wanted ad.


Margo: I love that bear.
Fray: So do I.
Eliot: Yeah, horray for bears, but we were kind of having a moment.
Margo: No, honey, she loves him.
Eliot: So, uh, not bear boss? Bear... boyfriend? Is that a thing in Fillory?
Margo: Apparently very taboo, but like I told Humbledrum, as long as it's consensual, if I got my way, I'd say go hog-wild or bear-wild or bull-wild. He's very concerned about getting your approval. I don't think he quite gets that you're not even Fray's real dad.
Eliot: Well, then. I will say what I wish my father had said to me. I'm so happy you're dating a bear.