Lucifer Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Et Tu, Doctor?

Lucifer Review: Et Tu, Doctor?

On Lucifer Season 1 Episode 8, Lucifer tries to deal with his growing feelings of jealousy while working on a murder case with Chloe. Read on for our thoughts!
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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Erase Weary Youth

Blindspot Review: Erase Weary Youth

On Blindspot Season 1 Episode 13, Jane is thought to be a mole. Will the team believe her innocence? Plus, Weller discovers his sister's new relationship.
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Bitten Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Of Sonders Weight

Bitten Review: Of Sonders Weight

On Bitten Season 3 Episode 5 while Elena talks with her father about their past, Jeremy tries to determine how to course correct with Karen for the most moving hour yet.
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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 19 Review: Ticker

Scorpion Review: Ticker

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 19, Team Scorpion races against time to make sure a young girl can get a heart transplant. Do they get the job done in time?
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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Falling

Supergirl Review: Falling

Kara was hit with some red kryptonite on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 16, and the results were downright disastrous. Will she be able to regain the trust she lost?
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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 16 Review: Heartbreak Dog

Family Guy Review: Heartbreak Dog

On Family Guy Season 14 Episode 16, Brian and Bonnie share a kiss, while Meg starts stealing from residents at an old people's home. Read on for our thoughts!
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Girls Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Old Loves

Girls Review: Old Loves

On Girls Season 5 Episode 4, Fran and Hannah argue over teaching philosophies, Elijah dates a famous news anchor, and Jessa fights her feelings for Adam. Read on for our review!
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