In its 8th season premiere, House returns not to the hospital, but to prison. Has House adapted to life with rules and regulations? Or will his diagnostic skills and persistently stubborn attitude rear their ugly heads?
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"We'll Always Have Paris" is less about Paris than it is about situations not living up to expectations. Read the review for the full dish on this week's Pan Am!
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The Griffin family attempts to weather out the hurricane in "Seahorse Seashell Party." Meg finally confronts her family about their mistreatment of her while Brian ingests some mushrooms, much to his detriment.
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Gus did what?!? Jesse discovered the evil depth that his boss would sink to on Breaking Bad this week, as he ended up on Walt's side again by the conclusion of "End Times."
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Homeland is here! The CIA thriller premiered tonight, so take a look at the review to see what went down in Washington this week.
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