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2022's Best Plot Twists

2022's Best Plot Twists

Don't you love a good plot twist? Because we do, and this year was chock full of them. Check out our top picks for the best plot twists of 2022.
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2022's Best New Characters

2022's Best New Characters

Are you ready to dig into some of the best new characters to hit the small screen? We've rounded up our favorites from 2022, and we think you'll agree.
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The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Abductions

The White Lotus Review: Abductions

On The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6, Tanya tries to process what she witnessed, while the Di Grasso men try to find their family. Read our review.
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Tanya: You guys just pull out all the stops. You really do. Whenever I stay at a White Lotus, I always have a memorable time. Always.
Manager: And you are in our blossom circle, so you are very important to us.
Tanya: But I was a petal, and I worked my way up to blossom.
Manager: You know that your husband is already here.
Tanya: Good, because he hasn't been responding to my texts.

That's a lot of fucking bags. Maybe she's moving to Italy.