Aunt Ally comes back to town to announce her engagement on this week's Awkward, as Jenna and Matty consummate their relationship. Read our review to see if Jenna was able to overcome her doubts about Jake!
Posted in: Awkward
Things are heating up at Pearson/Hardman as the firm remains under attack. Were our favorite lawyers able to hold it together, or did they fold under pressure? Read this week's review now!
Posted in: Suits
On Futurama, when Fry acts like a drunken fool and suffers a catastrophic mishap while trying to make sausage, it leads to him and Leela losing their memories of each other... and fighting it out in an all-out battle between neanderthals and homo sapiens.
Posted in: Futurama
Hank struggled to treat Boris' ailing friend in time for his secret summit. Was he able to deliver? Read this week's Royal Pains review now!
Posted in: Royal Pains
On Dallas, John Ross is forced to choose between family and business when a medical scare strikes the Ewings. When Tommy is pushed to the edge, how will Rebecca react?
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