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Taub and Chase rejoin the team on this House episode. Meanwhile, this week's patient just seems like a typical liar, but is he still a liar if he confesses every sin he's ever committed?
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On this week's House, Dr. Park has to face disciplinary action for punching her superior. We also find out more about Dr. Adams and see House's plans to get his team back.
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This week on House, Thirteen leaves Princeton for good. Also, House must save a patient whose sickness could end up saving his diagnostics department.
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This week, House returns to the hospital for the first time in a year, only to find that Cuddy is gone, Foreman has taken her place, and Wilson refuses to be his friend. Will House's life return to normal?
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In its 8th season premiere, House returns not to the hospital, but to prison. Has House adapted to life with rules and regulations? Or will his diagnostic skills and persistently stubborn attitude rear their ugly heads?
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I killed a man.