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Nashville Season 4 Episode 19 Review: After You've Gone

Nashville Review: Gone Girl

On Nashville Season 4 Episode 19, Juliette reconnects with her co-star, Noah West, and the duo heat things up, while Rayna struggles with Maddie's emancipation.
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Nashville Season 4 Episode 18 Review: The Trouble With the Truth

Nashville Review: She's Better Now

On Nashville Season 4 Episode 18, Rayna and Deacon face off against Maddie and Cash in court, while Juliette becomes suspicious of Layla and Avery.
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Zoey: It wouldn't be fair to make you choose.
Gunner: What are you saying?
Zoey: I'm choosing for you.

I guess it's easier to deny needing the occasional hookup, then actually being in love with a man. Isn't it?