The 100 Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Hesperides

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How many people have to die for our "heroes" to get where they need to be?

The limit doesn't exist, but they will keep trying to figure that magic number out.

And the timing has never been more perfect, with the next war coming up in their rearview mirror soon.

Gabriel in a tank top - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

During The 100 Season 7 Episode 4, the Sanctum story and the Skyring plot gets weaved together. Echo, Hope, and Gabriel's time on Skyring were sped up as they formed a connection with Orlando. 

Meanwhile, Hope's past was explored again, and a new friendship was introduced from her time on Skyring as a child.

All of the details finally came together to have the group in Sanctum line up with the Skyring trio, only for half of them to end up in Bardo, and the other half on a planet we assume is Nakara.

And just when things took a turn, Gaia ended up traveling with one of the disciples to an unknown planet. This means the Sanctum group left with no one to explain to the others where they went, and now Gaia is missing too. 

Raven Figures It All Out - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

"Hesperides," written by Sean Crouch, was a push in the right direction for the narrative of the show. Storylines that were too far apart are slowly getting pulled together, but in true The 100 fashion, some twists make sure things aren't too easy for the characters just yet. 

But this episode did stop making it seem like the show was stalling in Sanctum, and it allowed the characters to introduce us to the next steps in the story.

Most of that power came from the unspoken communication and understanding that started to exist between certain groups. But more power came from the build-up before the big Bardo introduction.

Hints were being dropped left and right about what they might be walking into, and it feels like regardless of these teases, there is no proper way to prepare. Let's just hope that Bellamy is waiting at the end of that green Anomaly lit road. 

Three Maidens, One Anomaly Stone, and the Study of Authentic vs. Artificial Friendships

If Hesperides was a tale of three maidens protecting a golden apple, then Echo, Gabriel, and Hope exist in their version of this story.

But their golden apple is their self-preservation and self-focused motivations of getting to Bardo.

In many ways, the three of them can't be blamed for what happened in that field before they headed for the Anomaly. From day one, it was obvious what their priorities were, perhaps to everyone but themselves. 

Hope's Past - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

Getting a peek at Hope's relationship with Dev was an example of an authentic bond. Hope and Dev grew to care for one another; they were each other's people.

But somewhere in-between Hope planning a way out and looking back at her time with Dev, it is like she missed what was happening right in front of her.

As soon as Hope saw Orlando, she had him labeled as their way out. To Hope (and to Gabriel and Echo), Orlando was just a means to an end. It was her playing out the same story she was already part of, but this time she would get different results.

And she did.

Echo Gathers Her Thoughts - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

Except, we were watching the lines blur even though it was crystal clear where all of this was going. There is no way you won't bond with someone that you spend five years with, but if your intentions were always skewed, then it can only play out one way.

And play out it did, in one of the more action-packed and chilling episodes. There were heavy signs that it would go all wrong as soon as the three of them fixed their sights on Orlando.

From Hope planning to get Orlando to care about them so they could manipulate that to Echo warning Orlando directly that his people would die to Gabriel taking part in the stunts that were meant to trick Orlando -- there were bright red flags waving all over the place.

Echo: We need your help.
Orlando: To kill my people?
Echo: That's inevitable. The question is if you die with them.

But it was all just a sequence of events that couldn't have happened any other way because the result was never going to be anything different.

With Dev, Hope paused, and she didn't get the kill shot like she was meant to. That weighed on her, so this was all just a build-up for the moment she would get this kill and would defend when she wasn't able to the first time.

Echo Getting Ready - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

From there, it is like watching dominoes fall, with Echo realizing that Hope saved her, and then that Orlando's trust was now betrayed. The one thing he asked was for his people to remain unharmed, and it was then that she realized that no matter how much time they spent together, there was still boundary was still there for Orlando.

He still viewed the people from Bardo as his own, which means the trio wasn't his priority.

Can you blame him, though?

Gabriel Helping Out - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

It is obvious that even though they cared about him, Orlando wasn't a priority for them either. Like always, each of them is invested in all this for their selfish reasons and one way or another that was going to alter the events that got them there.

Echo's choice, though, was still such a drastic one, with her killing every last disciple and trapping Orlando on Bardo for who knows how long.

For some, it resembled the time Finn risked everything for Clarke during The 100 Season 2, and he ended up going so far that he killed a whole village of innocent people.

But is that the same?

Hope and Echo Fight - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

Echo might be doing this for Bellamy, but her actions don't scream, losing your sense of self as you search for someone you care about.

The difference between Finn's actions and Echo's is their morals. Finn was the last person that would do what he did because his morals wouldn't allow it. But Echo has never shied away from killing if that is what she thought needed to be done.

So Finn and Echo both were ultimately caught in situations where they felt like their only choice was to kill, but this won't weigh on Echo the same way it did for Finn.

Morally Echo hasn't changed, no matter what the narrative wants to say based on a lot of telling and no showing.

Hope Has A Plan - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

What we saw was the opposite of what it feels like the show wants us to think. Echo isn't changing, which is unfortunate because she doesn't need to change completely. But in many ways, it shows that the show doesn't want to develop her, at least not beyond the person willing to kill with no visible remorse.

It wasn't a fall from grace for Echo; it was just a normal day in the life of a spy.

She continues to prove that she is more of the version that Octavia sees her be, not the version that Bellamy (and the plot) is under the illusion that she is. 

Still, her actions are somewhat of a shock to both Hope and Gabriel. Even though Echo just did exactly what she said she would when she got there, perhaps that is a bit of a sign that Hope and Gabriel adjusted differently.

Hope Cries - The 100 Season 7 Episode 2

There is a visible bond between the three of them, but as always, they are together because they have no choice.

That means their approach in these kinds of situations will be different, and there has to be a point when they don't just agree because they don't have enough time to stand their ground.

Because Hope and Gabriel both didn't want to leave Orlando behind, even if he wasn't a priority in their plan, Gabriel objected and tried to stop Echo four times.

For someone with the least investment in any of this, because he just wants answers, it was a visible reminder that Gabriel has changed. He doesn't want to be a weak man following a false god; he wants to fight for life instead of death.

Gabriel On The Hunt - The 100 Season 7 Episode 2

The three maidens are still protecting what matters most to them, which means Orlando just didn't line up with those plans. 

Echo was right when she said that they weren't Orlando's people, but Orlando wasn't their people either. 

Knowing he might sell them out was enough of a reason not to risk it, and from there, his life and his sanity were acceptable losses.

This all unfolded out of an inauthentic connection, formed for the sake of survival, and ended with quite a few deaths, including Orlando's.

Hope On The Run - The 100 Season 7 Episode 2

You have to wonder what was the point of all this was.

Hope, Gabriel, and Echo spent two episodes with Orlando on this other planet, yet it isn't clear why all of this happened. Most of their time wasn't seen, another victim of a time jump, which means it was all about the build-up and then the fallout.

The assumption is that Orlando took his own life after he was betrayed and left all alone. But this wouldn't be The 100 if we didn't question what is said, specifically because the audience didn't see it.

Orlando knew quite a few details about the existence of Hope and her life for it to be confusing. Orlando shouldn't have a Hope doll before he even met her, and he shouldn't know that she loves pumpkins.

Echo, Hope, and Gabriel  - The 100 Season 7 Episode 2

But he is a 12th level disciple, and that means he was worthy enough to get to the very top of Bardo.

Octavia and Diyoza had their memories taken, or there was an attempt too, and there is now a reason to believe that Orlando was either part of it or had access to that information. 

Too much time was spent on Orlando, so it would make no sense if he has no bigger role to play and was just in the first four episodes to create conflict. 

There is also reason to believe that he might not be dead and that he was part of a plan on Skyring this whole time.

Echo and Hope Talk - The 100 Season 7 Episode 2

Anders mentioned that he knew that Clarke's friends were on Skyring, so why did he allow them to stay there if he knew? Usually, he would extract them and take them straight to Bardo.

This might be a clue, with Anders knowing because he planned it that way with Orlando playing pretend on the inside.

Or he realized later on what was happening and let it play out because he needed leverage against Clarke.

Regardless, the three of them won't be able to just leave Orlando and their choices behind. As much as it was Echo's decision to kill everyone and leave Orlando, it has to weigh on them all.

Hope and Echo Together - The 100 Season 7 Episode 2

It might also be the first step that drives an eventual wedge between the three of them because there's nothing like death to make people land on opposite sides of a war.

How much can plans change before it becomes something very different than what it was meant to be? And how long before your past catches up with you?

These are the questions that Echo, Gabriel, and Hope may have to answer in their next journey together. Because they might be getting closer to their destination, but it feels like there's a lot they didn't look at closely enough as they head into the unknown.

One Theory, Two Theories, Three Theories, More

There comes a time in every season of this show that the theories start. It took a second for this season to start dropping possible hints of what might be coming up. But watching this episode at least twice allows you to pick up on at least a common theme of what is yet to be explored.

Jordan Assists Raven - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

So there's no better time to throw all the information you may not have caught yet and see what sticks. This is a collaborative discussion, though, so don't forget to share the theories and details you may have caught that weren't mentioned yet. 

The perfect place to start is at the beginning, and nothing really was suspicious until Orlando came into the picture. The perk of Orlando, though, is that he serves as a window for Bardo.

He mentions that he is a 12th level disciple, which means he is at the top of the food chain in Bardo. He is still a believer when it comes to the teachings Bardo puts everyone through, and that is how the audience caught wind of the Master.

The shadow of the Shepherd for all mankind. He saved us from the fire that consumed the Earth and the light of the Shepherd ..."


But the Master might go by a second name because Orlando kept mentioning The Shepherd interchangeably when he wasn't careful. And a shepherd is all about herding flock ... to the next apocalypse. 

Fans have already started to speculate that the Master might be Cadogan, or at the very least, he is related to that story that we have heard about since The 100 Season 4.

Raven Focues on The Mask - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

When Gabriel catches Orlando doing his prayer, he says a specific message:

"The shadow of the shepherd for all man-kind. He saved us from the fire that consumed the Earth and the light of the shepherd ..." 

There is no way that this isn't Cadogan, especially how the message hints at the first end of the Earth. The Second Dawn Cult was formed in anticipation of the apocalypse, with followers needing to advance through 12 levels.

Once followers advanced that far they would be allowed salvation, and the high-level followers survived in the primary bunker on Earth.

It isn't clear yet how they could have gotten to Bardo from Earth, but there might be something on the Bardo map that gives it away.


After several rounds of heavy squinting, there are a few areas of Bardo's setup that might be of value.

Starting with "Arboretum - Oxygen Plant," this would have to be a place that is filled with trees. If this is connected to oxygen, which must mean the air isn't survivable all on its own in Bardo, then this is a botanical garden that takes care of that for the people that exist there.

Then next, we have an "Ione Room - Bridge," which has to be self-explanatory in terms of what it does in Bardo. This is where the connection happens to the Anomaly, although the word Ione does also have connections to Greek mythology. 

Because, of course, it does.

Raven Is Struggling - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

Once we pass the living quarters and the mess hall, there is a training room that exists for the disciples. 

Moving from there, we reach "Ministry - M-CAP," and this is where we learned that memory extraction happens once a new person comes to Bardo.

Anders clarified that this is the first time that happens when they bring someone to Bardo, and he also said that this would lead Clarke to serve the Shepard.

Now it isn't clear yet if they just take the memories or if they also attempt to control the mind. 

Jordan Gives Some Advice - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

It is hard to know for sure since Octavia didn't appear to be affected that way, but she also lost her memory, and Hope said that she fought back against it.

It could be a way for them to get information on their subjects, and from there, they can use that to manipulate people to comply without actual mind control.

Or Bardo is a far more dangerous place than we thought because having access to someone's mind enough to take their memories must mean nothing else is really off the table. 

And don't forget that a Ministry, in Christianity, is an activity that is done by the followers to support the church that they are loyal to. So the act of M-CAP can be a step in "converting"  newcomers to follow the Shepard and his plan for war.

I'm not dead, I'm invisible! You're dead! And that really hurts.


There's also the fact that no one knows what happened to Diyoza, and that means her faith could have kept her in Bardo all this time. 

Moving on, there are a few cell blocks and some maintenance areas and a power plant, but there's one specific room that might give us some insight on this Master that has everyone doing his bidding right now.

There is an area called "Cryo Labs - The Shepard" on the map, which doesn't need an explanation but is worth bringing up.

It wasn't obvious how Cadogan could have gone from Earth and ended up in Bardo, but cryo solves that question quite quickly.

It is possible that the Shepard isn't even in charge right now. He could have passed on his values to his followers, with all of them preparing for that war that Orlando said they are focused on. 

So Cadogan could be in Bardo but still in cryo because it would make sense that he didn't want to be woken up until the last war the human race would wage got there, or else he could have died before it happened. 

Cadogan would have to want to be part of the war, so since he doesn't know when it would happen, he just instructed his followers to remove him from cryo when the key was found.

Enter Clarke Griffin.

All she knows for now is that she is the key, so it is up to the audience to put the pieces together because there is no way she will get all the answers any time soon.

Amanda Reimer from The Young Folks has an idea that might help explain some of what is being teased.

She initially noticed that Becca's Lab was in the title sequence, which didn't make sense since Earth is meant to be gone.

But Raven mentions that one planet is offline in the helmet, meaning there is a chance it could be Earth. 

There is no realistic way that Earth can just come back after it was removed from existence, but why not throw this theory out there just in case, right? 

And that would explain why Becca's Lab has the value that it does since Amanda mentions in her review that an Anomaly stone could have existed there all this time. Furthermore, it could also be a lead when it comes to this last war.

The 100 is nothing without its final episode battle, and it is nothing without using their favorite plot crutches.

Cadogan's biggest issue had to be Becca, so Amanda brings up the idea of the last battle being between Cadogan and Becca (through her technology).

That would explain why Clarke is the key since she is the only one who had every piece of Becca's technology inside of her at some point.

It is also important to remember that Becca came down to Earth once the apocalypse hit and tried to save the Second Dawn followers.

She offered them the Nightblood serum to save them, but instead, they burned her at the sake.

Sound familiar? 

Over in Sanctum, both Russell and now Sheidheda were tripping over themselves to burn others or to have a fire execution set in place.

The trailer for the season showed footage of someone else setting themselves on fire, so there is no way that pattern won't find a way to come back any time soon. 

For now, all of this is just assumptions based on well-hidden clues that are setting things up for the first introduction of Bardo.

This would make sense because it would finally put the Second Dawn information to actual use, although more importantly, it is setting up for the prequel that the entire season seems focused on.

There is no way to move forward right now if you don't visit the past, and The 100 is making sure no Anomaly stone goes unturned. 

Sanctum's Borrowed Time

Are Clarke's friends missing if they didn't notice and weren't exactly looking for them before? It might be like the tree in the woods; it didn't fall until someone heard it. So Clarke's friends weren't missing until someone appeared to let her know.

Raven and Jordan Help - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

It is a little off that Clarke didn't pick up on or even question where everyone was. Bellamy probably told her where he was headed, and that meant that Clarke didn't have to wonder about them for the time being.

It was a way to explain why Clarke wasn't involved in this other storyline, but the longer we went not hearing any acknowledgment, the more it felt hollow at best.

But that isn't even limited to one storyline, so much of it extends to Clarke now too.

She is a leader. She is a mother. She is saying all the same things and doing all her usual duties, yet so much of it rings hollow too.

Clarke's Advice - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

Clarke is playing the role that she has on the show, but she is also coming off so detached. And that isn't on Clarke; she is still that remarkable lead that we love and support.

But if the show doesn't see Clarke as a priority, then that will stand out after a while. 

We are four episodes in, yet Clarke only really had a major role in one of these episodes.

And even during that singular episode, she was still serving the story and didn't have the freedom to break away from the motions she had to go through.

Jordan's Insight - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

We are four episodes in, but there is no hint of where the male lead might be. He is missing, and at this point, he could be missing for another four episodes, because there is no understanding of how prolonged this absence may be.

We are four episodes in, and Octavia, the third billed actress, exists, but time doesn't.

She was the main focus in one episode, but beyond that hasn't really been around, and we don't even know where she is in the present time either.

If this felt like it was being done on purpose, then it would be one thing, but this instead comes off as a side effect. The show wants to spend time on Orlando, Sheidheda, and various other storylines that don't go anywhere.

Miller: Bulletholes. Bellamy?
Clarke: Had to be, he had the only gun.

But what ends up happening is that the focus that would be going to the main characters that have been there from the start is just gone. 

That can't be done when it comes to your leads because the energy gets drained out of the minimal scenes they do end up having. Clarke is still Clarke, but she looks just as disconnected as the audience is feeling.

Clarke is being used to waste time until she is needed elsewhere, and you can see that taking its toll on her scenes.

She isn't allowed to exist, and it is like the show doesn't know what to do with her.

Clarke Looking On - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

When you don't know how to write or focus on your lead character, that means there is a major disconnect going on in the story, you are trying to tell.

It shouldn't be a race to get to that prequel episode at the expense of every original character; it should be a practiced walk to the finish line with the characters that created all of this, to begin with.

Speaking of characters that created all of this, Raven Reyes is going through much of what Clarke had to.

But ironically it isn't just their kill count that is similar now, the disconnect in Raven's arc is being felt as well.

Gaia and Jackson - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

She didn't once question her decision during The 100 Season 7 Episode 3 when she sent Hatch and his friends to their deaths.

She lied to them from the beginning, and we didn't even see her struggling with that choice. It wasn't until they died that it hit her, but by then, it was too late, and it was not the Raven that we have come to know.

So having her now be impacted this much by their deaths, it is an awkward approach having Raven show more remorse after all of this than before.

She had the chance to struggle before sending them in, but she did it without a second thought, and now all of a sudden, she is inconsolable. 

Miller and Jackson - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

It isn't as natural to have this weigh on Raven's shoulders as a way to make her struggle with something anything. It is a trauma for the sake of trauma, and inflicting that on Raven in the last season because there wasn't much else they could explore with her feels wrong. 

Just as she went into those woods with Jordan because she had to protect her friends, but it wasn't after she shot at everyone that she realized what that would do?

It just doesn't make sense having Raven upset after she shot all those people at the fact that her shooting at them became her killing more people.

She knew what would happen when she aimed for them, and this afterthought remorse is simply a way to brake Raven at the worst times. 

Clarke: If you didn't do what you did, those people would still be dead and so would everyone else in Sanctum.
Raven: I can't forget their faces.
Clarke: And you won't. Just don't forget the ones you saved.

Maybe that will explain the extraordinary plot hole where Raven at least knocked everyone out, but not one person thought to take another helmet? 

Raven had hers, and it was obvious that there was high-level access connected to it.

So why wouldn't any of the others think to take the helmets that were left on the disciples that were all possibly dead on the ground in front of them?

It isn't exactly a plot hole, but it wasn't a smart choice either. 

Jackson and Gaia Together - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4

But it is that story decision where you know why it was done, yet it doesn't add up. The others couldn't take the helmets because then when Murphy and Emori and the others start to search for them, they won't be able to get to them.

Helmets need to be around so the people left in Sanctum can, at some point, take them and travel as well.

But that is still a strange oversight that no one even wondered out loud if maybe they could benefit from at least one more helmet for someone.

It was almost like Sanctum had that one last chance to stall the characters before they left it.

#WhereisBellamyBlake In The Bellarke Corner

Maybe the missing Anomaly stone is Bellamy Blake. There are so many options when he is around, and so few options when he isn't. 

But since we are here again and there's no sign of Bellamy, there is nothing left to dig but dig around for crumbs.

Yet the one thing that has been so challenging when it comes to this season is trying to figure out the reasoning.

Because some aspects of the episodes might be the writers looking to take the story in that direction, and some might just be because Bob Morley isn't being used in any episodes right now.

So it is like doing double the work trying to narrow down the reason for some dialogue or some plot positioning.

But at this point, all you can do is throw it out there and see what fits the most.

For example, so much would be resolved if Clarke or Anders named names. But they almost went out of their way to never say who Clarke saw as her friends and who Anders was referring to.

It was clear, though, that Anders didn't mention Bardo on purpose. He only clued Clarke in on the fact that he was aware of her people on Skyring, and that had to be done on purpose.

If Anders named the people that were there, then Clarke wouldn't trust him. He can't reveal what is going on in Bardo, but you have to wonder if all of this is a result of that.

Anders didn't just know who Clarke was out of thin air, especially enough to know that she is this key to the last war.

It is all about the words he chooses to use too, "Smart, brave, and willing to risk your life but not those of your friends."

He could have gotten that from Octavia, or maybe from Diyoza, but somehow it doesn't seem like either of them would view Clarke this way.

Octavia always has issues with Clarke and the decisions she makes that Octavia views as betraying her friends.

Diyoza might respect Clarke more and would view this about her, but it is hard not to think that some of Bellamy's views of Clarke are included in that.

Because again, Anders didn't mention Bellamy (or Octavia), which can't exactly be an accident.

Either he didn't because that would rush Clarke to get to him, and she can't yet because Bob Morley isn't back to reprise Bellamy. Or he didn't mention it because he saw Bellamy's memories and off that asked for Clarke to meet him.

Clarke's image also resides in those helmets; it is a look from The 100 Season 3 when Bellamy and Clarke were joined at the hip.

This could just be a random photo chosen to represent her, or it is from a memory that only Bellamy could have provided Bardo with.

If they take their victims to Bardo and take their memories right away, then by now, they must have looked through Bellamy's to help them in their approach with Clarke.

Also, no one can offer the kind of insight into Clarke that Bellamy has, which Anders would know a second into those memories.


But this is based on assumptions because, for now, there isn't even a sign that we could see Bellamy soon. And if Clarke is distracted on another planet, while thinking she needs to go to Skyring, then there is no way she is getting to Bardo right away.

She might figure out that she needs to be in Bardo, but Nakara might be another way to slow Clarke down from getting to Bellamy.

Stray Thoughts

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    We spoke with Eli Goree about his time on the show, as well as Michael Beach about the journey he had, and we even took a walk down memory lane with Christopher Larkin and Aaron Ginsburg. We even checked in with Zach McGowan about that surprise return to the show.

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Jackson and Gaia - The 100 Season 7 Episode 4
  • What is it with the aging process on the show? That one streak of silver, both on Dev and Abby, are meant to show significant time change. But 5-10 years isn't that drastic that the silver needs to exist to show that time has passed. I just have questions. 

  • The real problem that needs to be discussed about this episode is the fact that no one in Sanctum thought that Gabriel deserves to be rescued too. They named everyone but him, and especially Clarke, should have known better.

    They really don't get how special Gabriel Santiago is.

  • Echo telling Hope, "Wait until she sees you now," tells me everything I should know about where this is all going. If the show follows through on their foreshadowing dialogue, this doesn't sound like it is heading in a promising place for Diyoza. 

  • No one deserves Diyoza's jellyfish cookbook more than Gabriel. We might not be learning much about him, but he is stealing every scene that he is in, and I just hope that Bardo has good food for him to enjoy now. 

Gabriel in Water - The 100 Season 7 Episode 2
  • Ghost Mode has to be the most ridiculous thing said on The 100. And this beats out Miller's, "If it's the air out there, then we will just stay in here." 

  • Is it just me that thinks choosing planets based on what looks fun isn't the best strategy? Anders didn't make it sound like their friends were having fun, so it would probably make more sense to pick the planet that looks the most complicated. 

    But there's nothing more perfect than irony, especially when it comes at the expense of dragging those characters along for another episode or two. 

    Just when the audience thinks there is movement, it is suddenly snatched away. 

Hope and Echo - The 100 Season 7 Episode 2
  • Gabriel in a tank top. That is all. 

  • If there were any stray disciple that would survive Raven's aim, it would have to be Anders. So he was looking to power down the Anomaly before Gaia ruined his plans.

    It could be a chance to explore the last planet without having everyone go there for a quick peek, but odds are Anders is headed to Bardo with Gaia now.

  • If Gaia is missing, then no one knows what happened before Clarke and the others left. That means Madi is more or less alone with Sheidheda taking over, and Murphy, Emori, and Indra are the only ones left to pick up the pieces of the puzzle they don't know they need to solve.

    What is it with The 100 that it thrives on a complete lack of communication? Things are so much harder than they need to be.

Clarke Griffin in Season 7 - The 100
  • Dev was a sweet human, and we didn't deserve him. Which is probably why he got killed off just as we got to know him more, right?

  • This is where I officially request for Jordan to have a big role from here. He is included, so hopefully, the story will include him this time.

  • Team Gay is present and thriving. Surprisingly this group of people didn't spend much time together on a mission before, but there's no better time than the present.

  • It has been said a few times over, and it needs to be said again, the Skyring storyline was as successful as it could have been. Even though it still feels like the story dragged on in ways it didn't need to, the dynamic that this was all centered around had its moments.

    Taking Chuku Modu's natural chemistry as Gabriel, Hope's mysterious insight and past, and Echo's unpredictable morals, this all somehow works in even though you didn't expect it too.


  • But even though this was probably the better executed time jump, it still left a little to be desired. All this time was spent with these characters, but not much was learned about them.

  • The show keeps struggling because it needs characters to be pawns in a bigger game instead of individuals with something to offer outside of their static plotlines.

  • Speaking of the Skyring group, Echo once again voiced what everyone is thinking. She mentions that she doesn't know what she would do without Bellamy, which should speak for itself, but it doesn't.

    Because at this time, even if we didn't spend all that time with the trio, Echo could have been able to form genuine new connections and to have the chance to widen her scope of people.

    Instead, The 100 pretends to have self-awareness when it comes to the dialogue pointing out the issues with characters and with relationships, only to not doing anything to change it in the narrative itself.

  • Hope has managed to make these episodes her own because, at this point, she is a fully explored character and is easy to follow now. She is still probably the hardest to figure out and could surprise us at any turn, but the show was able to flesh her out enough to make it easy to want to know more about her.

Let's leave this off with one last hint of a theory. Orlando said that he was punished on Absolution Day for continuing to work. Keep that in mind.

What did you think of this episode? How did you feel about Orlando? How did you feel about him getting left behind? Are you Team Echo, Team Gabriel, or Team Hope?

Do you think Anders knows everything that he does from Bellamy? How worried are we about Bellamy and his memories now?

Did you see any other hints or theories that weren't mentioned? What do you think the last war that the human race will ever wage is?

Where do you think Cadogan is? Who else is just tired of the word "war"?

Is anyone else wondering if cults are that fun since everyone on every new planet seems to be part of one? Who else misses Picasso? 

Let us know what you think below!

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Hesperides Review

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The 100 Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

The shadow of the Shepherd for all mankind. He saved us from the fire that consumed the Earth and the light of the Shepherd ..."


I'm not dead, I'm invisible! You're dead! And that really hurts.