New Directions try to raise funds for their trip to Nationals and plan a benefit concert. Sue forms a team of Glee haters to thwart their efforts. To read up on what unfolded check out our review.
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Megan runs into resistance while investigating the death of a patient at the hospital where she used to work. Ethan becomes personally involved as real life wife Christina Hendricks guest stars as the identical twin of a beautiful corpse.
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Hellcats returned after a six week hiatus with the Hellcats helping Dan film his zombie short for admissions, Marti searches for answers about her father, and Alice goes undercover. What went down? Find out in our review!
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John Lithgow returned this week as Barney's father Jerry on How I Met Your Mother. Barney scripts a wild night at a club in an attempt to bring out his dad's wild side. Check out our review to see if Barney got his wish.
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