A couple of major steps were taken in the relationship between Dexter and Lumen this week. Come along as we review "In The Beginning" and wonder how this season will conclude.
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On "The Wife's Tale" Chance hires himself out to a woman he realizes is a widow of a man he killed years before. Elsewhere, Ames keeps bugging Guerrero to take her on as an assistant.
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The second half of NCIS' two-part Vance/Eli David story arc surpassed the first, blending past and present with more intricacies than most shows cover in the course of an entire season.
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A federal wire tapping led to a number of intriguing developments this week. Unfortunately, the latest episode of The Good Wife closed on a disappointing note.
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Glee aired one its best episodes to date this week, organically incorporating songs into a couple of ongoing storylines and concluding on a legitimate cliffhanger. Read on for review of "Furt."
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